We would like you to meet the staff at the Dive Shop. Our Instructors cover just about every level and type of scuba certification available. Our staff is capable of teaching children starting at age eight as well as persons with disabilities.

The instructors at The Dive Shop can help you with all of your dive education needs. They are certified to teach wreck diving, cave diving, Air, Nitrox or Trimix as well as many other exciting diving specialties.
Interested in pursuing a career in diving? Our staff is capable of teaching you how to be an Open Water Instructor.
We look forward to helping you with all of your diving needs and would very much like the opportunity to show you our qualifications as a professional Dive Team. These pages will show you more information about an individual instructor. Thank you for your interest and happy diving.

Meet the Crew . . .

 Nina Beal: swim instructor

Rosemary Blake: swim instructor

Mechelle Burd: swim instructor

Bill Blake: repair technician

Jon Breeling: Dive Control Specialist

Chad Carter: Dive Control Specialist

Bob Coffey 

Dana Colten: Dive Control Specialist

Gary Cooper: Dive Control Specialist Instructor

Greg Deaver: Open Water Instructor

Angie Easley: Open Water Instructor

Brenton Easley: Dive Control Specialist Instructor

Tom Elder: Open Water Instructor & repair technician

Karen Galasso: Dive Control Specialist Instructor

Marshall Goldman: Open Water Instructor

Robert Gore: Open Water Instructor

Jack Gregory: Dive Control Specialist & repair technician

Jackie Gregory: Scuba Ranger Instructor Trainer

Joe Guess: Instructor Trainer

Connie Johnson: Dive Control Specialist

Steve Johnson: Dive Control Specialist Instructor

Jim Kanter : Open Water Instructor

Mark Kershner: Open Water Instructor

Neil Kirsten: Dive Control Specialist Instructor

Stacey Levine : Dive Control Specialist Instructor

Jim McAlister : Open Water Instructor & repair technician

Ronnie Owens : Open Water Instructor

Kip Peterson : Dive Control Specialist Instructor

George Poole: Advanced Open Water Instructor

Bert Ross: associate instructor

Mike Sparks: Dive Control Specialist Instructor

Alan spears: Open Water Instructor

Gerald Steinbaum: Open Water Instructor

Wendy Stephenson: dive control specialist

Ben Stevens: Instructor Trainer

Diana Strommen: Open Water Instructor

Tara Van Ness: Dive Control Specialist Instructor