Mike McCrory

bigdogupMike is the originator of The Dive Shop II in Little Rock, AR. He took his original Open Water Diver Class when he was 11 years old. So he's been diving around 100 years. We occasionally keep him around the store as an ornament. His knowledge of the diving industry is surpassed by few. His favorite dive to date was in the Red Sea. The trip he is most excited about is the next one!

Scott McCrory

scottupScott is the lead instructor at The Dive Shop and handles most of the teaching that ranges from open water all the way up to Instructor. Among Scott's favorite dives are the Galapagos Islands with his goal of diving South Africa with Great White Sharks possibly in the future. Anyone interested????

Terri Bernard

TerriTerri is the newest addition to the full-time staff at the Dive Shop. Terri is an advanced open water instructor and a Platinum 1000 diver. When she’s not teaching students how to dive she enjoys spearfishing for walleye, walleye, and more walleye. Terri’s favorite dive trip is Fiji. The next big trip is to dive with the Kiwis in New Zealand. “Who’s coming with me?”